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Press Brakes

We provide all possibilities for the highest demands

State-of-the art mass production in sheet metal processing often provides few options for individual problem solutions. That is why we are specialized in processing of out of the ordinary sheet metal section.

Pressed Sections up to 21 m
Press Capacity up to 3,000 t

We cant almost every profile with our special tools. Most of the machines used at Göcke are specially constructed; tools for the sheet metal bending presses as well as stencils for sheet metal blanks are self-produced in-house.

At Göcke almost any customer demand turns to reality on DNC controlled state-of-the-art press brakes.
For this purpose a comprehensive material stock is available, even in special qualities.

Our specialists will happily advise you. Contact us!

Bend sections for civil engineering

Halfshell section for poles

Wear resistant part for trailers and containers

Cargo hold for vessel

Profiles for lignite excavators

Parts for roadsign bridges

Bended section for rail road vehicles

High performance profiles for machine construction

Mobile crane booms with an enormous lift capacity