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Laser Cutting

Optimal production processes guarantee burr-free and clean cross sections

Göcke Umformtechnik sets new standards in laser processing with high customer benefit. The use of the laser beam as a “tool” enables a fast cutting of hard as well as soft materials. Therefore high precision parts can be processed with very little microstructural changes.

The CO2 Laser system offers the additional possibility marking workpieces in a quick, clear and durable way.

Almost Endless Possibilities

The 5-axis laser head unit allows Göcke Umformtechnik to manufacture complicated contours and chamfering angles up to 52°. Optimal conditions for subsequent welding processes. Cut edges of the workpieces present optimal conditions for welding processes.

Therefore, highest efficiencies are guaranteed, particularly for single-piece production.

Laser Cutting System:

Work length 35 m
Work width 3.5 m
Sheet metal thickness 20 mm
Chamfering up to 52°