Mechanical Processing / Processing Centre

Repeatedly, Göcke has been approached to further process parts cut with water jet or with a laser. With our “Vertical-Horizontal Processing Centre”, we are in the position to fulfill these demands. The wide range of application possibilities of this centre with its extended table for dual zone and long bed processing complete the range of portfolio of Göcke. Even the most complicated contours for the highest demands in die making can be machined, giving you the security for your production flow. Internal quality control takes place by computer simulation on 3D CAD systems, for in Göcke Umformtechnik, our work has always been based on the premise that only those who make the important parts themselves have a direct influence on the quality of their products.

The Swivel Head Processing Centre for dual zone and long bed processing

  • X-Hub: 8000 mm
  • Y-Hub: 1000 mm
  • Z-Hub: 900 mm