Plasma Cutting

For various materials and areas of application

Our underwater plasma and thin jet plasma machines are technologically up to date and are breathtaking in their precision and possibilities. The highest productivity is reached through the optimised setting of the cutting gases and electrical energy. The cut areas are metal blank and the cut surfaces are absolutely parallel. With this technology, Göcke delivers to you a high potential in application possibilities.

Highest precision for the highest goal The fully revolving chamfering unit allows to cut chamfers up to 45°, presenting optimum conditions for subsequent welding processes.
Plasma cutting is especially suitable for thermal cutting of metals which cannot be flame-cut. All electrically conductive materials can be plasma-cut.

Underwater Plasma Facility, DNC-controlled

  • Working length 25 m
  • Working width 2 x 3.50 m
  • Sheet thickness until 40 mm


Fine Jet Plasma Unit

  • Working length 25 m
  • Working width 5 m
  • Sheet thickness 40 mm
  • Chamfering up to 45°