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Göcke - we process everything as long as it is made of metal!

XXL sheet metal processing – with Göcke, this means customized geometries exceeding conventional off-the-shelf solutions.


In addition to edging and folding, the fields of activity of sheet metal processing also include shearing, water jet cutting, laser cutting and plasma cutting. In addition, there is laser welding and prefabrication. These services include rolling, weld seam preparation, welding, drilling, sawing, milling and punching.

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Everything around sheet metal working!

At Göcke Umformtechnik, we have an individual solution ready for every inquiry.

Because we specialise in custom-made designs, we offer the best conditions in order to properly and quickly process products in unusual sizes or special measurements.

Our Service

We at Göcke Umformtechnik have an individual solution ready for every request. Convince yourself!

Press Brakes

Modern mass production in steel sheet processing allows for very little room for individual problem solutions.

Laser Welding

Metal sheets up to a maximum size of 4 x 20 m can be welded on our laser welding machine.

Laser Cutting

Optimal production processes guarantee burr-free and clean cross sections

Plasma Cutting

Our thin jet plasma machines are technologically up to date and are breathtaking in their precision and possibilities.

Mech. Processing

Repeatedly, Göcke has been approached to further process parts cut with water jet or with a laser.


On our CNC-controlled guillotine shears, sheets of up to a length of 10.2 m can be processed.

Water Jet Cutting

High pressure water jet cutting is a separation process which is complementary to the traditional, mechanical and thermal methods.

Preparatory Services / Deburring

As flexible as canted profiles can be processed, they are equally flexible in terms of their field of application.

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We are also available to answer all your enquiries personally! Please use our contact form or contact us directly by phone.